Havering and Redbridge: A Tale of Two Boroughs

Havering and Redbridge have 18 secondary schools each. This analysis of students’ progress from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 is based on government statistics.* A positive figure means students have had ‘added value’ from their school: they have improved more than expected from Key Stage 2. A negative figure means students have made less progress than predicted.** Havering is poor in general, whilst Redbridge is outstanding.

The graph combines Havering and Redbridge’s results after five secondary school years.


Havering’s mediocrity is illustrated by Sacred Heart, our highest achieving school, ranked eighth behind seven Redbridge schools. The esteemed Coopers school limps in at 12th in the combined list. ‘Added value’ means students have had their performance enhanced during five years of secondary school. Coopers’ gifted students have very good GCSE results, which would markedly improve if it was ‘well above average’.***

Eleven of Havering schools have negative ‘added value’. Their students are doing worse than predicted by their Key Stage 2 results. The graph shows that the worst of Havering’s eleven schools trail a long way behind in the combined list. Redbridge’s worst school is superior to all of Havering’s worst schools.

Councillor Robert Benham should be lobbying for a reconfiguration of Academy Trusts’ leadership. Failing Trusts should lose their franchise and be replaced by teams who accept the challenges of persistent underachievement by a significant number of schools in Havering.

* For Havering see https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/schools-by-type?step=default&table=schools&region=311&la-name=havering&geographic=la&for=secondary
For Redbridge see https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/schools-by-type?step=default&table=schools&region=317&la-name=redbridge&geographic=la&for=secondary
** A zero figure means the school has made no discernible impact on progress.
*** Woodford County High has a 100% score for English and Mathematics; Ilford County High has 95.8%. Coopers has 76.2%. This is streets ahead of any other school in Havering but isn’t a stellar performance.

Chris and Del

5 thoughts on “Havering and Redbridge: A Tale of Two Boroughs

  1. There aren’t any quick fixes in education but there are a series of ‘usual’ thoughts. Firstly: are teacher expectations too low? Secondly: have teachers a poor grip on presentation to the students? Thirdly: does the school have a repressive culture which alienates their students?


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