Conservative Candidate: David Taylor (St. Edward’s)

David’s a Facebook politician and Conservative.

Since February Facebook has published ‘David Taylor’s adverts. They don’t mention his fellow Conservative candidates: Councillor Joshua Chapman, cabinet member, and Councillor Nisha Patel. Conservatives always promote themselves as ‘Action Teams’.1 David doesn’t understand ‘Team’.

So, what’s going on?

St. Edward’s ward has been changed by the Boundary Commission and Judith Holt2 has been ousted. David looks like an outsider who’s muscled her out.

David’s Facebook page has a ‘Team’ photo in which he says:

I’m very lucky to be standing with a great team in Councillors Nisha Patel and Joshua Chapman.

There’s a lot I can learn from them. I think smiling is one of them!  14th March 2022

This is sarcasm dressed as praise.


The advert above3 is a straight-forward attack on the failings of current Conservative councillors. Joshua and Nisha obviously don’t keep constituents informed about the council. Facebook politicians don’t have loyalty in their kitbag of ambitions.

David’s wrong about St. Edward’s. It isn’t as safe for Conservatives as he, and everyone else, assumes. Is David part of the Romford Conservative’s internecine war that’s going on? Roll on the 5th of May!


1 Havering’s Election: Collier Row and Mawney Ward, 2022 – Politics in Havering

2 Judith is the President of the Romford Conservative Association and so if she’s been muscled out then they’re an unhappy band of brothers.

3 David’s Facebook page 10th March 2022: also 4th March and 28th February

2 thoughts on “Conservative Candidate: David Taylor (St. Edward’s)

  1. Not the first time that sitting councillors have been ousted from this patch; last time it was the Brice-Thompsons and the time before that it was Andrew Curtin. In the many leaflets, David is identified as the “MPs Assistant”, which probably tells us all we need to know.
    The judgement that St Edward’s is a better Conservative bet than St Alban’s is probably sound for this cycle- the old Waterloo estate has been demolished and the new one not built. 2026 will be far tougher, with both that and the Crossrail-inspired changes to the population around Romford and Gidea Park stations. But that’s a bit in the future.


    1. Thank you for your comment.
      The problem that the Romford Conservatives have is that they have been milking it for years. They’ve always worked on the basis that Conservatives have no where else to go: And they’ve been quite right up to now. But the RAs are resurgent and as we saw with the UKIP vote (2010) when their vote imploded with majorities narrowed dramatically. 2018 was a very good year for the Conservatives and they failed to get a majority despite winning every Romford seat. That, in my book, makes their position vulnerable. Any negative swing will be fatal.


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