Damian White gets the Post-Election Blues

Damian has defeated a challenge to his leadership by a single vote. He was challenged in a WhatsApp message from Robert Benham,1 who spoke of ‘in-fighting’. He and his supporters lost and the Conservative ‘pot-of-gold’ politics might inflict a punishment beating on Robert and his supporters. Who knows? Damian might be magnanimous and they’ll all live happily ever after.

The galling fact for Damian is that he leads the largest party but needs five more votes. Havering Residents’ Association (HRA) have 20 seats and are negotiating for Labour’s nine votes to create a Friendly Understanding. HRA have 29 votes in sight but that means taking responsibility. HRA like permanent opposition. It’s painless and well-paid. All of which means that they might actually prefer a seductive offer from Damian.

In 2018 Damian mopped up HRA councillors. He’ll try again but this time it’s harder. Why? Sally Miller, John Mylod and Michael Deon Burton all lost. Their fate is a warning to renegades.2 Individual HRA councillors might take Damian’s offer. It is, after all, a few thousand pounds, for doing little else than agreeing with him.

Can Damian heal? The challenges will test his mettle. The nest of vipers that’s the Conservative group have had a very public split, which could result in flaky members drifting to HRA. Throwing gold around solves some problems but there are some Conservatives with ambitions. And they’re lean and hungry.

The excitement is building towards May 25th when a new Administration is brought into being.


1 Damian’s deputy in the Conservative group

2 The Harold Wood Three bucked the trend and prospered

6 thoughts on “Damian White gets the Post-Election Blues

  1. Interesting times!!
    The political manoeuvring will be off the scale if only they had some principles in HRA and the Tory party!!
    I understand HRA not offering Labour any seats in the Cabinet in its ‘Friendly Understanding’ ie give us your votes !! Hopefully Labour won’t crack and accept for fear of HRA and Cons working together ! Interesting times
    Thanks for the update 👍


    1. Thank you for your comment

      They are actually so naive that they think Labour should be honoured that they’ve even been invited to the party never mind get a meaningful role.


  2. Chris

    The HRA did not exist in 2018. The group only formed in 2019 to fight the Conservatives as a cohesive group.
    The mopping up of HRA candidates, therefore, did not really happen as your tale eludes to.

    I do not understand your comment that the HRA are comfortable in opposition. What are you basing that premise on? (Before you answer, consider how long the HRA have existed as an organisation).

    Otherwise good blog. Yes, it will be interesting to see what DW does to his very split party.

    I personally hope that the HRA will be running the council. We need a change, we need new blood.


    1. Thank you for your comment

      HRA is a short-cut, which is factually wrong. However RA politics is a maze and most people don’t understand the basics
      2014-18 Three RA groups joined with the Conservatives. They left in 2018.
      2018-2 Another separate group of RAs joined the Conservatives
      2022-26 ???????????????
      HRA is going to have to think strategically, which means listening to people you don’t necessarily agree with.


  3. Some would say the ultimate blow up has also taken flight. Some interesting times ahead of next weeks vote. Will there be an extension to the roller coaster ride be experienced?


    1. Thank you for your comment

      The *roller coaster* might be a Big Dipper. If there’s a stalemate then there is the possibility of a Minority Conservative Administration. In that case there could literally be a vote of confidence at any moment and that would mean paralysis. The first meaningful vote comes with the election of Mayor.


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