Romford Conservatives and Boris Johnson

Romford Conservatives were jubilant when Johnson was elected. They immediately talked of the Boris Bounce. No more. Johnson is now an albatross round the neck of Damian White. If he survives it proves how loyal Romford voters are to the Conservatives.

Damian’s Problems

Partygate: ‘Law-breakers can’t be law-makers’. Johnson’s defence of his law-breaking is strange. It’s,

I’m an idiot. I didn’t understand what I was saying in my daily Covid-19 broadcasts.”

Johnson defence

Rishi Sunak’s Wife: Sunak’s billionaire wife has decided to pay taxes in Britain because she’s the wife of the Chancellor.

Cost-of-Living Crisis: If you don’t get a 7% increase in your wages, or benefits, you’re worse off than last year.

Pensioners: Pensions increased by 3%. Every pensioner is 4% worse off. Pensioners are overwhelmingly Conservative voters. The ending of the triple-lock was a betrayal.

Sleaze: Johnson’s £80,000 flat refurbishment was paid for by a donor even though he denied it. He tried to change parliament’s rules to protect his friend Owen Patterson who was paid £100,000 a year to be a lobbyist.

Council Tax: This has increased by 18% since 2018, with 3% this year.1

Conservatives took every Romford seat in 2018 and still didn’t get a Havering majority. If they have any hopes, they can’t afford to lose a single seat. Loyal voters will continue but will flaky Conservatives? One thing’s for certain: Conservatives won’t get the 28 seats needed for a majority.


1 Havering Council Tax: Is It Too Low? – Politics in Havering



4 thoughts on “Romford Conservatives and Boris Johnson

  1. Johnson might need a safer seat than Uxbridge at the next election, so Rosindell will have to watch out. I’m not sure who is worse.


    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Actually Johnson was punting round the Upminster seat but some reason(?) he didn’t quite make it. I agree that he’ll probably lose Uxbridge next time round.


  2. The only thing that might save the Conservatives is a split opposition. If flaky ex-Conservatives flake off equally to different parties, they might just hold on with a massively lower vote share. Heck, if the flaking works in their favour in Harold Hill, it’s not impossible to pick up the seats they need there.


    1. Thank you for your comment.
      The Resident Association is very confident that they will hoover up Tory-dissidents. Actually there might even be a split towards Labour for the first time in 20 years as well.


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