Romford Conservatives, Sadiq Khan and Clean Air

Romford Conservatives are unhinged. They’re opposing Sadiq Khan’s Clean Air policy because it’s a Labour policy.1 This is political immaturity at its worst. Air pollution causes debilitating illnesses like asthma. Romford Conservatives are defending clapped out 17 year-old bangers to make a political point. And their ‘political’ point is:

We Really Don’t Like Labour And Especially Not Sadiq Khan.

For a once great party to be reduced to petty childish opposition to a Public Health programme is shocking. Winston Churchill (see Addendum) would have been astonished. Clapped out bangers are being charged for the health risk they pose.

Every London Mayor, including Boris Johnson, uses the pricing mechanism to achieve policy objectives such as controlling car parking.2 It’s very effective. Surging demand for electric vehicles demonstrates this. They’re subsidised directly,3 ULEZ is the other side of the coin.

Air pollution is invisible but real.4 Air pollution causes long-term illnesses in young children and the elderly. Havering Council monitors air pollution throughout the borough, especially near schools.5 Romford Conservatives are opposing their own policies by opposing ULEZ. Their immature opposition is demeaning.

Addendum: Clean Air Act, 1956

In 1953 Winston Churchill’s government initiated the Clean Air Act.6 This act was hugely disruptive, and expensive, but absolutely necessary. The ULEZ programme is a 2022 version of Churchill’s Clean Air Act.  It’s harder to sell because air pollution is invisible unlike the smogs of the 1950s. They share one thing: without these policies Havering’s children will suffer unnecessary ill-health.


1 STOP ULEZ | Romford ( ULEZ = Ultra Low Emission zone

2 Toll roads could be introduced to UK roads as electric car ownership surges (

3 There is a direct cash payment and nil Road Tax

4 Toxic air in London caused 1,700 asthma hospitalisations in just three years, study finds | The Independent

5 Air Quality in Havering: Environment Overview and Scrutiny sub-committee 20th February 2019* – Politics in Havering

6 The Clean Air Act | HouseFuel

3 thoughts on “Romford Conservatives, Sadiq Khan and Clean Air

  1. Sadly, Havering is dominated by cars and beware any attempt to change it. Few people cycle that much as it’s too dangerous for them and that’s why they use the pavements. I doubt a change of administration will matter. The RA even oppose those new fangled electric scooters, which are illegal admittedly, but provide an opportunity for getting about.


    1. Thank you for your comment
      Any change in behaviour is incremental and takes time. Consider the banning of smoking in pubs and restaurants and so on. Virtually no-one could have anticipated how quickly it became acceptable. The idea of smoking at a dinner table just seems ridiculous nowadays.
      ULEZ could be one of the building blocks which move society towards a clean air option.
      I was surprised that the Conservatives linked their opposition to ULEZ to Sadiq Khan personally: attempting to demonise him.


      1. I know a few councillors and it doesn’t surprise me at all. That’s both Conservative and RA. I don’t know any others. Just reading the letters page of the Recorder makes me sick at the prejudices of a lot of people.


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