Damian White Scuppered by Nigel Farage! 12th December, 2019

Irony of Ironies! Brexit opportunist Damian lost because Farage did a deal with Johnson. The Brexit Party stood against Jon Cruddas and neatly split the vote. Brexit purists think the ‘Oven Ready Johnson Deal’ is a sell-out. Northern Ireland is still in the EU and there’s a new frontier down the Irish Sea. This isn’t a clean break: it’s Theresa May lite.

Brexit no-hoper Tom Bewick got 2,887 votes. His votes would have carried Damian over the line and into parliament. But it wasn’t to be. Now Damian’s faced with a hard slog. His Romford heartlands are under threat from Resident Associations. Population growth will bring political change to Havering as the borough gets younger.

What happened ‘Up North’ could happen in Romford in 2022. It isn’t only Labour heartlands that change and Damian knows it. Unfortunately for him, Romford Conservative Party is a ghetto. Unless he has a powerful sponsor, he’s waiting for Andrew Rosindell to get out of his armoured Range Rover and fall beneath a number 86 bus, otherwise his parliamentary dream is over. Five years of Johnson should cool the ardour of his recent converts, making Dagenham and Rainham even less accessible to the Conservatives.

Dagenham & Rainham results: Labour hold
Jon Cruddas (Labour) – 19,468
Damian White (Conservatives) – 19,175
Tom Bewick (Brexit Party) – 2,887
Sam Fisk (Liberal Democrats) – 1,182
Azzees Minott (Green) – 602
Ron Emin (Independent) – 212
Terry London (Independent) – 209
Majority – 293


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