Havering’s Conservatives, Brexit and the Government

Havering’s Conservative voters were unimpressed to find that ‘Taking back control’ meant immediately handing it over to Northern Irish bigots. Johnson’s deal will end with Northern Ireland unifying with Ireland thereby breaking up the UK. Does Havering care? Probably not. Our MPs however care intensely and they wrecked the May deal to prevent the unification. Johnson’s deal is much worse as it guarantees the unification of Ireland.

Havering’s Conservative voters know what they voted for and it wasn’t Northern Ireland. Cameron’s In-Out question concealed intricate foreign policy, which no-one understood. Yet the Referendum was solely about foreign policy with the EU and the World Community. Both 2016 Remain and Leave campaigns avoided this point. Our current paralysed politics is the consequence of that deception.

Johnson’s defeats of the 19th, 21st and 22nd October illustrate how unsuitable parliament is in negotiating foreign policy. The Referendum result ended the possibility of ‘Remain’ but Havering’s voters feel betrayed. They were presented with a simple question and expected straight-forward answers. Answers which never existed. The ERG’s* ideological posturing ruined Theresa May’s deal and worsened the outlook for Britain.

Havering’s Conservative voters have no where else to go**. This is lucky for Andrew Rosindell and Julia Lopez who are, in a small part, responsible for this chaos and ought to be punished at the ballot box.

* Both Conservative MPs in Havering belong to the European Research Group (ERG). They must be tortured by Johnson’s deal, which will lead to victory for Sinn Fein.
** https://www.havering.gov.uk/info/20046/elections_and_voting/196/election_results/7 They did have somewhere else to go in May 2019 and they went to the Brexit Party with enthusiasm. That party is a one-trick pony and entirely unsuitable for national politics.

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