Havering Councillor: Brian Eagling (Harold Wood)

Brian was a Labour party councillor and Mayor before he discovered he’d never become Leader. Brian switched allegiance and joined the Harold Wood Resident Association (RA). He was eventually elected as an RA councillor. Once more, he found unimpressed colleagues who valued his vote, but not his opinions. So he separated Harold Wood RAs from the RA mainstream and greatness arrived. He became Leader of Harold Wood RAs.

The 2018 election put Brian in poll position. Damian White came calling. Brian straightened his back and accepted the pivotal position of holding the balance of power. Damian didn’t just offer glory. Brian and his two colleagues had their stellar qualities recognised, at last, with all three having remunerated positions of responsibility. For septuagenarian pensioners this was very pleasant, if long overdue.

The allocation of ‘roads’ refurbishment capital stayed in Romford.1 Harold Wood got nothing. Is Brian disappointed? Did he even notice? Harold Wood RAs are an old boys’ clique who’ve long ago forgotten the driving motives behind their movement.

Harold Wood councillors are tied irrevocably to Romford Conservatives. This might not be a shrewd move as Brexit alters Havering’s voting habits. The RAs moved into the ascendency in 2018 at the expense of the Conservatives but what if Harold Wood RAs are tarred with that toxic brush?

1 Living in Havering April 2019 edition p15

One thought on “Havering Councillor: Brian Eagling (Harold Wood)

  1. He should be asked what happened to the Mayoral chain when he was a Labour Mayor for the first time. There are still people around who know the answer but he should have the bottle to tell the truth.
    We wait with bated breath!
    It is rumoured that he asked to join the Tory party and was rejected. The Tories held Harold Wood at that time. The then RA group leader was warned that he should not allow Eagling to become a RA candidate but did not listen. He was elected in 2014 as a RA Councillor and after just 3 months joined the Tory administration
    When it came to electing the Mayor in 2015surprise surprise this turncoat was elected Mayor. The Deputy Mayor 2014/5, a RA councillor for 28 years in 2015 was stabbed in the back by those who broke away from the RA group and joined the Tory administration. Without traitors to the RA principals the Tories would never have a majority. Although Harold Wood voters were warned about him and his group they were elected as RA councillors in 2018. Surprise surprise he and his sicophants mediately supported the Tory minority administration
    Have a look what rewards have been dished out to the 5 who support or joined the Tories. One more from Hornchurch defects to the Tories this year with not even one years service
    We wait to see what Chairmanship or other reward she gets in 2020.


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