Living in Havering: Councillor Damian White’s Personality Cult?

Living in Havering magazine is remarkable.1 Damian is featured in an astonishing seven photographs on page three. Iffy leaders of third world countries routinely do this to establish their personality cults but that can’t be the case in Havering. Or can it? Is this publicity onslaught right and proper in a taxpayer funded Council magazine? Colchester’s Centurion magazine on the other hand sets a benchmark to which Living in Havering should aspire. There are no photographs of their Leader or any cabinet member.2

In Damian’s Living in Havering magazine, we read that council spending on roads and pavements will be £40 million over four years.3 Twenty-two projects are specified. Damian’s ward, Squirrels Heath, garnered 27% of the projects, about £11 million if everything is pro rata. The allocation could have been a surprise for Damian. Maybe it was a fluke. A fluke like the one where all the road repair money is to be spent in Romford constituency.

That Living in Havering is a taxpayer funded Conservative magazine seems fairly clear cut. This is a surprise as Damian leads a minority administration.

1 April 2019 edition. The front cover of Living in Havering has Osman Dervish and Robert Benham alongside Damian.

Two other council magazines are included in this site and neither are devoted to the stellar qualities of their Leader or cabinet members


3 Living in Havering April 2019 edition p15

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