Havering Councillor: Melvin Wallace (Squirrels Heath)

Melvin is alleged to have committed a sexual assault on former councillor, Linda Trew. The alleged low key sexual assault was humiliating and unpleasant. This has presented Damian White, Leader of the Council, with a double-edged sword. Presumably that’s why it has taken the Conservatives 25 months to eject Melvin from the party.

Is Damian delighted about Melvin’s moral implosion? One benefit is losing an older ‘colleague’. Damian can infiltrate one of Andrew Rosindell’s cronies into a safe seat. As Andrew’s consigliere this will further enhance his position. This is a genuine bonus in Romford Conservative internal politics. But …… a downside is Melvin could turn sulky. Damian’s reliance on three Harold Wood Resident Association members would increase. Brian Eagling might become a street fighter, actively using his new found position. Therefore Melvin’s political power is, perversely, enhanced.

Damian knows all of this. He’s dragged out the ‘naughty boy’ decision as long as possible. It’s now January 2019, 25 months since Linda suffered at Melvin’s hands. Political calculation has finally met the road block of reality and Damian has acted. Melvin is out but still in the Chamber and Damian doesn’t have a majority.

Theresa May’s desperate bid to win the vote of no confidence in December 2018 saw her reinstate the whip to two disgraced MPs. Perhaps Damian will follow suit with Melvin?

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