Havering MPs and the Brexit Vote 15th January 2019

Theresa May’s reverse Midas touch continues with her crushing defeat in the Brexit Vote. Amazingly she has, however, managed to unite the three Havering MPs who all voted the same way – though for different reasons.

Jon Cruddas: Jon is a heavyweight intellectual with a Ph.D in economics. A left-centre politician, he noticed that every Brexit option made British people worse off. However, the 2016 referendum demanded Brexit and so he is looking for the least worst option. Theresa’s isn’t the least worse option and so he voted Against.

Julia Lopez: Julia isn’t an economist and she believes that WTO trading regulations are benign. She’s mistaken. The British economy is a ‘roll-on, roll-off’ economy dependent on frictionless movement of goods. 10,000 lorry movements per day at Dover couldn’t continue in a frictionless manner with custom and excise checks. Julia did, rightly, note1 that the referendum is the cuckoo that has destroyed our parliamentary tradition of representative government. Julia voted Against.

Andrew Rosindell: Andrew doesn’t care about economics as he believes that our trading partners feel privileged to take our goods and services. Therefore WTO deals are a piece of cake with foreign countries lining up to trade with us. Anything other than a ‘No Deal’ Brexit is treachery for Andrew and therefore he voted Against.

Three Havering MPs and three separate reasons for rejecting Theresa’s Brexit deal. Obviously looking for leadership from parliament is a waste of time and there should be a new referendum. This time without the lies.

1 Julia’s speech 11th January in the debate is on her Tweet page. On the same day Andrew made an entertaining speech in the debate. His speech is on Twitter.

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