Havering MP: Andrew Rosindell and prison reform

Right-wing extremist* Andrew relies on prejudice for his opinions . He doesn’t worry about evidence. Evidence gets in the way of prejudice. His recent, 27th Dec 2018, tweet is a good example of his ‘thinking’. David Gauke, the Justice Secretary, has evidence that fewer prisoners re-offend if they’re allowed to have contact with their loved ones- Yes, Andrew, even criminals have loved ones. Gauke’s informed decision is that criminals should have access to phones in an easier and more convenient way than at present.

Andrew’s reply:-

I thought the idea of being sent to jail was to punish criminals and take away their freedom and creature comforts? Prison becomes less of a deterrent when the authorities do things like this. What about the welfare of the victims?

Andrew isn’t worried about unrest in the prisons, criminal gangs controlling access to phones, or re-offending. Andrew is a red-meat politician where thought isn’t required. Which is just as well isn’t it?


*Quoting Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Andrew’s long-time parliamentary colleague

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