Havering MP: Andrew Rosindell and the Brexit Debate, December 10th, 2018

Andrew’s entire political career has focused on Euroscepticism. The Referendum result was manna from Heaven for him. It’s been downhill ever since. He quickly discovered that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ is meaningless in the hands of Theresa May. She’s a Machiavellian politician who’s quite prepared to split the Conservative Party into bite sized chunks to maintain power. Theresa is leading us into Brexit-in-name-only. Theresa’s Conservative party isn’t that of Andrew. Who will crack first?

Theresa postponed the Meaningful Vote on Brexit because it was doomed. Andrew is faced by the certainty that his life’s work is crushed. He already knows that British independence has gone for ever. But what’s worse is that his position is scorned within parliament. The No Deal WTO solution has been written off and the alternatives are grim. The Norway option includes payments to the EU, plus free movement of labour. Canada+ is hopelessly complex and a transition deal could last for decades. Meanwhile the Irish Backstop is a constitutional prison cell.

Andrew isn’t alone. There are other like-minded Conservatives who agree with him. Is it possible that the outcome of all of this will be a Conservative Party Mark 2? Andrew has a huge majority but how much is personal or will he be a Brexit martyr? Does he fancy martyrdom or is he addicted to parliamentary air miles and the good life?

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