Damian White and the Covid-19 Challenge

The government is sending mixed messages but they’re at least sending a message. Matt Hancock knows he’s mouthing words, whilst Dominic Raab has the rigid steely eyed look of someone mainlining on class A drugs, ready for an ordeal. Here in Havering Damian is bunkered down. It’s difficult to know why. All he has to answer are simple technical questions and here are a few.

Havering’s finances have taken a tremendous hit: but how big a hit? Damian’s infamous 2019 car parking charge increases were ‘essential’ and now that’s all disappeared. How much per month has gone over the Covid-19 cliff face? What’s the nature of the contract with those enforcing car parking? Are there break-clauses and if there aren’t, has the workforce been furloughed? Sunak, the chancellor, has made large with taxpayers’ money, so why can’t we have some to fill gaps in our finances?*

Obviously the council finances need to be strengthened after Covid-19. Is the Freedom Pass part of Damian’s calculations? It costs £7 million and would repair some damage. If that’s too toxic for the Harold Wood 3, does Damian have any viable suggestions?

Damian is thin skinned and believes any criticism is hostile, but he’s going to have to mature. Covid-19’s a unique situation and he needs to carry the borough with him. Sunak’s solution is virtually communist. He’s currently employing 50%+ of the British population, albeit for a limited period. Damian should listen to constructive criticism. Some of us have the well being of Havering at heart.

* The token gesture he made to the council is pitiful in relation to the savaging that has been handed out during the years of austerity.

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