Boris trumps Viddy: the Rent-A-Cop scheme murdered by Johnson

Viddy Persaud’s ludicrous Rent-A-Cop scheme(1) was buried on the steps of No 10 in Boris Johnson’s first announcement on the 24th July, 2019. Unlike Shaun Bailey and Keith Prince who’d been tipped off, Viddy didn’t know her scheme for five ‘Bobbies on the Beat’ would be shot down. Shaun and Keith postulated that 40+ extra police officers were necessary to make Havering safer. Not five! They were very confident about this as their promotional leaflets demonstrated.(2) But Viddy didn’t know.

Boris has announced 20,000 extra police officers in the near future. Havering would get about 50 of them on my calculations.(3)Both Shaun and Keith knew that five additional police for 250,000 people spread amongst 18 wards was useless. That Viddy didn’t know that 5 police officers were useless, this is shocking.

The good thing about Boris’s statement of intent is that Havering’s Conservative administration now has £300,000 of funds looking for a home. Chafford’s leisure pool is an obvious first choice during a long hot summer.

3 Shaun estimated 56 and Keith a more modest 42.

2 thoughts on “Boris trumps Viddy: the Rent-A-Cop scheme murdered by Johnson

  1. It now appears that 20,000 police officers by 2022 will only replace the number of officers that will retire by 2022, so a big fat zero increase in police numbers.


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