Havering Councillor: Bob Perry (Emerson Park)

Bob Perry and the Conservative leadership are at odds.1 Bob is threatening to leave the Conservatives if they don’t buck up their ideas. He’s failed to notice that the Conservatives aren’t the party he joined in the 1970s. The current leadership battle should have told him that the Conservatives he knew and loved have parted company.

If we look at them in terms of bookies favourites they are far away from Margaret Thatcher.

Boris Johnson: serial adulterer, ego-driven Mayor of London and buffoon

Michael Gove: self-confessed cocaine user who’d be a criminal if he lived in Havering

Dominic Raab: the Brexit secretary who signed ‘The Deal’ and then voted against it in Parliament.

Sajid Javid: as Home Secretary introduced immigration laws which would have meant his father would have been deported.

Jeremy Hunt: forgot that he’d bought flats in Southampton worth millions.

I’m sorry Bob but none of the above care about suburban Conservatives like you. They live on a different planet. They’ve all taken drugs and they’re all multi-millionaires. You can’t leave them, they’ve already gone. Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative party has sold its soul to chancers, criminals, opportunists and spivs.

1 Romford Recorder 7th June 2019 p14

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