Julia Lopez, Andrew Rosindell and Northern Ireland

Julia Lopez and Andrew Rosindell belong to the European Research Group (ERG). They follow the Rule Britannia theory of Brexit negotiation. Their leaders are Jacob Rees-Mogg and Arlene Foster. Rees-Mogg’s Brexit hard line attitudes are wavering because of Arlene. He said he’d look ‘for a ladder to climb down’ if the DUP changed their position.

Northern Ireland’s DUP are interesting. Their current claim to fame is to be members of the Stormont parliament. This hasn’t sat for 26 months. Arlene Foster, first minister, remains on full pay (£114,000 p.a.). Everyone regards this as untenable1 except Theresa May, who’s afraid of annoying Arlene.

Arlene Foster drove a hard deal with Theresa May in 2017, when she rescued her from the disastrous 2017 election result. Her ten DUP MPs attracted £100 million each for inward investment for Northern Ireland. A billion pounds of negotiating skill. Perhaps Arlene should accompany Theresa when she goes to the EU?

Julia Lopez and Andrew Rosindell are Havering’s Conservative MPs. They have handed over the economic future of Havering to the most rapacious, bigoted political party in the UK. Julia and Andrew are Arlene’s puppets, as is the government. Perhaps she could advise our MPs on how to get £200 million of inward investment for Havering?

1 https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-nireland-politics/uk-government-to-cut-pay-of-northern-ireland-deputies-amid-deadlock-source-idUKKCN1LM1H0

see also https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/northern-ireland-mlas-salaries-to-be-cut-by-13k-civil-service-getting-powers-to-take-executive-decisions-37289339.html

2 thoughts on “Julia Lopez, Andrew Rosindell and Northern Ireland

    1. The £200 million comes from the DUP getting £100 million per vote when they rescued Theresa May in 2017. So Julia and Andrew’s votes are therefore worth £100 million each.


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