Havering’s Brexit MPs: Are They Conservatives?

They [Brexit Conservatives] should read carefully what that party’s got to offer, because in my view they’re not Conservatives.1

Theresa May is a true blue Conservative. She first and foremost wants power and will do anything to keep it. The 2017 General Election led to an alliance with Northern Ireland’s DUP. The price was £100 million per vote which she gladly paid.

Julia Lopez and Andrew Rosindell aren’t Conservatives in Theresa’s book. They’re driven by ideology. These Brexit MPs are extremists, despising pragmatic compromises.

Julia and Andrew are devotees of the European Research Group a self declared party-within-a-party. The ERG inflicted a tenth Brexit defeat on Theresa, 14th February 2019. Both Julia and Andrew are seemingly intent on splitting the Conservative party.

The quotation is from Richard Harrington, a minister. His rhetorical comment demands an answer. And the answer is: neither Julia or Andrew are Conservatives. They’re not Conservatives because their actions are splitting the party.

Andrew’s a terrific constituency MP, however he has wider responsibilities which he isn’t fulfilling. He once declared, ‘I’m more UKIP than UKIP’. He probably is but that’s a bad look for a Conservative MP. He’s proved Harrington right.

Julia is also interesting. She learned politics at Cambridge. Julia’s has hooked onto the Rees-Mogg coattails as a career move.2 She’s made a tragic mistake.

Harrington has hit the nail on the head. The European Research Group are cuckoos in the nest. They aren’t Conservatives and should leave the party forthwith.

1 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-tory-minister-richard-harrington-nigel-farage-new-party-erg-a8780151.html

2 This quotation is from her Conservative Association biography

Since 2015 Julia has worked with the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE) to strengthen international trade and party alliances in developing nations and across Europe…” This doesn’t read like a hard core Brexit MP’s political biography.


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