Havering’s Democracy and Romford Conservatives

The Romford Conservative gravy train derailed in May, 2022. After 20 years of ruthlessly exploiting the Allowance system, they were booted out. Romford Conservatives really like gravy train politics but are less keen on public service.

In an unprecedented denial of democratic duty, the 18th January Council meeting had no motions for discussion.1 Romford Conservatives were on strike. There were a few questions, only one of which could be regarded as critically important.2 There’s a wealth of experience in their ranks, including councillors who are quite able, which makes this even worse. Their Leader, Damian White, went AWOL for the first three council meetings. In essence, he’s in total denial of the May, 2022 outcome.

The childish anti-democratic sulk continues. In the ten months that HRA/Labour have held office, Romford Conservatives haven’t even filled all their committee places. The council is legally obliged to allocate positions on a pro rata basis. The Places Overview and Scrutiny committee should have four Conservatives. Damian White has filled just two of those places. He’s simultaneously undermining scrutiny and deligitimising democracy. Meanwhile David Taylor spouted off about the need to be, “Not afraid of a late night”, at the Budget Council meeting.3 It would be hilarious if it wasn’t serious.

Romford Conservatives should take a hard look at themselves. They’ve ceased to be a political party.


1 (Public Pack)Agenda Document for Council, 18/01/2023 19:30 (havering.gov.uk)

2 Question 8. There were other questions, which mattered, but this one went to the heart of the performance of a contract  impacting on every tenant of LBH. The answer deserved a debate on its own, which it didn’t get because the Conservatives didn’t put down any motions.

3 Annotator Player (sonicfoundry.com) Go to 30 minutes in